Kordil Navigation Pro (KNP)

Kordil Navigation Pro (KNP)


Kordil Navigation Pro (KNP)

Kordil Navigation Pro is a multipurpose precision positioning system designed for positioning of any kind of moving object such as ships, vessels, barges, cars and trucks. Supports NMEA positioning and heading messages. It allows integration of other types of sensors such as inclinometers for vertical positioning and tide gauges and supports a second GPS device to calculate heading out of positions when a gyroscope is not available.

Direct support DXF files for background images and technical information required. Logs entire data coming in with a precise time stamp which can be play backed and recovered in case of future investigations may required. Interface consists of tools to draw basic objects and make measurements on the screen.

It is the basis of Kordil EPS - Excavator Positioning System, Kordil CPS - Crane Positioning System, Kordil BS - Bathymetry Studio and it has ready to use editions Drilling Rig, Piling Rig, Barge, Split Barge, Crane, Tugboat, Anchor Handling Boat, RC Boat, AUV, MetOcean, Deformation Monitoring systems, and future editions are pending customer demand.


  • Supports 2D and 3D, DXF and DWG vector files,
  • Logs and processes NMEA messages received from GPS,
  • High frequency serial data input
  • WGS-84 and other common local datum support
  • Transverse Mercator (TM) projection
  • Datum and projection definition
  • Adding, removing and editing objects on CAD interface
  • Route and run line generation
  • Destination and route module,
  • Waypoint tracking according to one destination
  • Easy to eye and easy to use, supports simple CAD functions

Currently available subcomponents.

  • Kordil EPS: Excavator Positioning System (3D)
  • Kordil CPS: Crane Positioning System (3D)
  • KNP - Crane Edition (2D)
  • KNP - Oil & Gas Rig Move Edition
  • KNP - Split Barge Edition
  • KNP - Spreader Barge Edition
  • KNP - Barge Edition
  • KNP - Dredger Edition
  • KNP - Piling Barge Edition
  • KNP - Deformation Monitoring
  • KNP - Floating Early Warning
  • KNP - Grayder Edition (soon)
  • KNP - Dozer Edition (soon)