Kordil RC Boat

Kordil RC Bot - USV

Kordil RC Boat

Kordil produce remote controlled survey boats for customer bathymetric survey requirements incorporating a single beam echo sounder, GNSS positioning. With high bandwidth radio link allows the operator to see precise bathymetric survey results in real time. It is useful for tough and unsafe work environments include mines, sewage treatment plants, contaminated lakes, harbours and rivers. It is manufactured from high quality marine materials and components and easily disassembles for transport and shipping.


  • Maximum speed: 6 knots
  • With spare batteries, 8 hours operation possible in a day
  • No maintenance required (except greasing shaft once a year)
  • Extremely high manoeuvre capability
  • Light weight that can be carried and deployed by single personnel
  • Waterproof design
  • Optional land side view and data acquisition on shore
  • 500m control range
  • Load carry capacity 13kg (45kg optional)
  • Speed 4 knot

Bathymetry System Components