Sonarmite BTX OEM single frequency Echo sounder (sonar) is the best choice for shallow water bathymetric surveys up to 75 meters deep. The SonarMite Echo Sounder was the result of nearly two years research and development to further extend the boundaries of shallow water hydrographic surveying equipment. Sonarmite offers reliable survey at shallow water by automatically adjusting signal quality according to depth changes, digital signal processing and filtering. 235 kHz operational frequency allows surveys to be carried out without being affected by almost any noise source.

Discover the Benefits of Using the Ohmex Sonarmite

Introducing the Ohmex Sonarmite – a cutting-edge acustics device that offers unbeatable accuracy, performance and ease of use. Featuring advanced features designed to improve both hydrographic surveys and data quality, the Ohmex Sonarmite promises effortless operation and highly precise results.
With its advanced features intended precision measurements, inspection and shallow water surveys, the Ohmex Sonarmite is designed to meet your needs. It offers a wide range of advantages over other similar technology, including superior accuracy, top-notch performance and effortless operation. Get all the details of what the Ohmex Sonarmite has to offer and discover why it’s becoming a leading choice for professional land surveyors and hydrographic surveyors that meets with waters both inwaters and seas.