Kordil CPS - Crane Positioning System

Kordil CPS - Crane Positioning System

Kordil EPS - Vinç Konumlandırma Sistemi

Kordil CPS - Crane Positioning System

Kordil CPS is a crane positioning system using smart sensor technologies and an easy-to-use real-time monitoring system which was evolved through operators’ feedbacks. Although system works in 3D in background it is presented to the operator in 2D and simplified form. All information required by operator for filling, assembly and placement works are displayed on the screen in real time with very user-friendly interface. The length of rope released from the drum is measured precisely to achieve a centimeter positioning accuracy.


  • Pedal or push button for position marking,
  • Boom angle and with position information on display,
  • Perfect software for land and marine works
  • High precision positioning of marine and land cranes and operation area marking,
  • Supports AutoCAD ®’s DXF format
  • Maintains a safe approach to dredging or filling areas,
  • Robust, durable and custom design installation,
  • Continuous crane operations with finger reachable push button,
  • Economic solutions appropriate for any crane type

Technical Specifications

  • Horizontal accuracy: ± 10 cm with RTK, approx. 1 meter with DGPS
  • Vertical accuracy: ± 5 cm (static) with RTK, ± 10 cm with DGPS
  • Lifetime free software update (for a limited time)
  • Sensor design is resistant to shocks and impacts
  • Turkish or English technical support
  • No maintenance and calibration required
  • Low maintenance and repair costs