Oceanography & Meteorology / MetOcean

Kordil provides physical, chemical and biological oceanographic measurements for engineering, construction, environmental and agriculture. Our survey capabilities consist of daily observations as well as over a year of observations using seabed or buoy deployed equipment. Kordil has solutions to measure and monitor below parameters:

  • Current profiling (direction in 3D and velocity) with ADCP instruments
  • Directional wave spectrum measurement; wave directions, wave periods and wave heights
  • Meteorologic surveys (wind speed, wind direction, gust, air pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, dew point)
  • Tide height and water temperature
  • Conductivity, temperature, pressure, depth, sound velocity, densitysalinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, ph, resistivity using an easy deploy self powered and one man single profiling system.
  • Phycoerythrin, Chlorophyll A, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, and Turbidity
  • Fluorescein, Rhodamin, Crude oil, Refine fuel, Photosynthetic active radiation

Current & Wave Measurements

Using acoustics current doppler profiler (ADCP), we monitor current, discharge, and wave height and direction on stable platforms looking down, up horizontally (side).

  • Current and discharge measurements at river and brooks
  • Static and moving vessel current profiling at sea, lakes, dams and rivers
  • Measurements for wave height and wave directions

Physical, Chemical & Biological Oceanographic Measurements

Kordil performs surveys for measuring physical and oceanographic parameters for use of engineering and construction and research purposes in short and long terms.Currently we are capable of measuring and monitoring below parameters. For additional parameters, please contact us for upgrade.

  • Current
  • Wave directions,
  • Wave periods
  • Wave heights
  • Tide height
  • Water temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Sound velocity
  • Density
  • Salinity
  • Phycoerythrin
  • Chlorophyll A
  • pH
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Turbidity
  • Fluorescein
  • Rhodamine
  • Crude oil
  • Refine fuel
  • Photosynthetic active radiation

Kordil Metocean

Kordil developed the system to observe meteorological and oceanographic parameters using system installed shore connected structures, buoy systems and seabed deployment, offshore platforms. With this system precision meteorological and oceanographic data are integrated and modeled to provide information for various disciplines mainly for engineering design, and construction activities.

Kordil Metocean we are able to monitor

  • Tide height
  • Water temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Wave height and direction
  • Wind speed and direction at dynamic and static platforms
  • Gust
  • Air temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Relative humidity
  • Position
  • Dew point

Monitoring Water Level and Tide Height

We are providing solutions to monitor water levels at sea, lakes, dams, and rivers by deploying Kordil TG05 Tide Gauge solution which works with pressure, radar and electro-mechanical way to measure tide height precisely. The system is suitable for working many years without requiring maintenance and calibration other than datum calibration which is essential during the first installation.


  • Water level measurements for bathymetric, hydrographic and oceanographic surveys
  • Engineering design
  • Navigation safety
  • Tracking water reservoirs at lakes and dams
  • Determining mean sea level, highest, lowest and other statistical values of special characteristics
  • Wave modeling



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