Kordil MetOcean

Kordil MetOcean Meteorolojik ve Oşinografik Ölçüm İstasyonu

Kordil MetOcean: Meteorological and Oceanographic Measurement Station

Meteorological and oceanographic measurements are combined on integrated platforms to obtain multiple data from a single point. For this reason, it was named Metocean. The Kordil Metocean system brings a high-level oceanographic system and a high-level meteorological system together on a single platform which enables to combine, record and sent to a remote location in real time at desired intervals. This platform can be anywhere including a buoy at the middle of ocean, at your ship roof or work site.

Kordil MetOcean software with user friendly interface is a Windows-based program, which allows easy data transfer to remote locations.


  • Offshore Construction Projects
  • Petro-chemical Industry and oil rigs
  • Long term observation stations
  • Harbour and Shipyard safety
  • Determination of occupational safety risk criteria
  • Determination of design and design criteria


  • Water temperature
  • WindSpeed
  • Wind Direction
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Wave Height
  • Wave Direction


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