Deep Vision DE3468D

Deep Vision DE3468D Side Scan Sonar

Deep Vision DE3468D medium sized towed has 340-680 kHz dual operating frequencies. The high frequency is ideal for capturing high resolution images and the low frequency is perfect for scanning wide areas and locating objects. It is very portable and ideal for one-man use because of small size and light weight cable. It is low power consumption and is powered by USB port. It takes full advantage of Deep Vision DSSP hardware, using state of the art chirp technology to capture crystal clear side scan sonar images.

Technical features

  • 340/680 kHz
  • Dual CHIRP technology
  • 0.9°/0.5° horizontal beamwidth
  • 60°/60° vertical beamwidth
  • 25—200 m / 10—100 m range
  • 1.5 cm / 1 cm resolution
  • 100 m max operating depth
  • Portable and one-man use design