Deep Vision

DeepVision DE340D Side Scan Sonar

Deep Vision DE340D, 340 kHz and medium sized towed is designed tor long range scanning of hard targets. It is often used in surveys of hard targets such as sediments, bottom structures, cables, pipelines and shipwrecks. It creates chrystal clear side scan images with powerful DSSP hardware and digital Chirp technology. It is very portable and ideal for one-man use because of small size and ligth weight cable.It is low power consumption and powered from USB port.

Technical features

  • 340 kHz
  • Digital CHIRP technology
  • 0.9° horizontal beamwidth
  • 60° vertical beamwidth
  • 15-200 m range
  • 1.5 cm resolution
  • 100 m max operating depth
  • Portable and one-man use design