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SonarWiz Software Package

SonarWiz Data Acquisition and Processing Software

SonarWiz is a software program that allows users to interface with various sonar technologies and devices, simplifying data acquisition and processing of surveys. It works with almost all sonar manufacturers, so you do not need to learn different software again and again. SonarWiz offers separate modules for different applications of side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, magnetic surveys, echo sounders, and bathymetric surveys. It is also possible to supply all these modules together as a single package.

SonarWiz for

  • Side Scan Sonar Survey
  • Sub-Bottom Survey
  • Bathymetry
  • Magnetometer Survey
  • Image to SEGY data files
  • NMEA message generator

Here are some key features and capabilities of SonarWiz:

  1. Data Acquisition: SonarWiz supports various types of sonar systems, including side-scan sonar, multibeam echosounders, sub-bottom profilers, and single-beam echosounders. It provides real-time data acquisition capabilities, allowing users to visualize and record sonar data as it is collected.

  2. Data Processing: The software offers advanced data processing tools for cleaning, filtering, and enhancing sonar data. Users can remove noise, correct for motion artifacts, and apply various algorithms to improve the quality of the data.

  3. Data Interpretation: SonarWiz includes tools for interpreting sonar data and extracting meaningful information from acoustic images. Users can identify and classify underwater features such as seafloor morphology, underwater structures, and geological formations.

  4. Georeferencing: The software supports georeferencing of sonar data, allowing users to accurately map underwater features in geographic coordinates. This is essential for creating detailed maps and charts of the seafloor and underwater environment.

  5. Data Visualization: SonarWiz provides powerful visualization tools for displaying sonar data in 2D and 3D formats. Users can generate high-resolution images, mosaics, and 3D reconstructions of the underwater environment.

  6. Integration: SonarWiz is compatible with a wide range of hardware devices and data formats, allowing seamless integration with existing sonar systems and workflows. It also supports integration with other software packages for further analysis and interpretation.

Overall, SonarWiz is a versatile and user-friendly tool for processing and interpreting sonar data, making it a valuable asset for marine surveyors, oceanographers, geologists, archaeologists, and other professionals working in underwater exploration and research.